S-Line Static Mixers

Mixing Principles

Radial Mixing

The flow (of mixture) going along the surfaces of elements repeatedly moves from the center of housing to the wall and to the center again (and again).

Rotational Circulation

The first element rotates the flow in one direction, and then the direction is reversed at the next element. This action creates a further mixing effect, promoting product uniformity.

Flow Division

As the product fluid (stream) passes over each mixing element, it is divided into two equal halves. With each succeeding element, the number of divisions grows exponentially equal to 2n, where n is the number of mixer elements.
For example, the cross-section photos at right of an 8-element represent 28 or 256 divisions. Accordingly, 20 element mixer will produce a million divisions of product.

What is S-Line Static Mixers (Helical)?

Samhwa S-Line Static Mixers (Helical) incorporate alternating helical elements, each set 90˚ to its adjacent element for thorough blending over a specified length for a wide variety of materials.
S-Line Static Mixers (Helical) are custom designed for each application. The number of mixing elements is determined by the specific requirements of the application. Helical static mixers can be jacketed or electrically heated and supplied with fixed or removable element rods. Also, edge seal type is provided for special applications. Sizes range from 2 mm to more than 2 meters in diameter.


• Excellent mixing or blending of two liquids, liquid and gas, two gases, or two powders
• No Moving parts: no noise, vibration, and maintenance
• Short, uniform residence time
• Suitable for places which require salt-proof and isolation
• Simplified and continuous process and less production cost
• Maximized mixing effect and infection-proof (Edge Sealed Type)
• Plug flow forming
• Uniform temperature for cooling and/or heating
• Smooth shape (of element) for less pressure drop, and knife-edge for no dead spaces while flowing
• Can be used for low or high (20,000+poise) viscosity materials