High Shear Mixers

What is High Shear Mixers (HSM)? 

Samhwa High Shear Mixers (HSM) which uses lattice design mixing elements has more powerful mixing abilities in mixing of high viscosity fluid. The High Shear Mixers (HSM) shears the streams quickly and has a shorter mixing length compared to helical elements.

Mixing Principles

Each mixing element consists of a series connection in a 90° direction to produce a homogenous mixture in both horizontal and vertical directions. The static mixing elements continue to split and recombine the feed materials into the flow. Therefore, the stream of the High Shear Mixers (HSM) achieves uniformity at the concentration, temperature and velocity.


  • Compared to helical static mixers, High Share Mixers provide Short, uniform, residence time while mixing highly viscous materials
  • Plug flow and much higher mixing efficiency
  • Better for low/low or low/high viscosity liquids, liquid/gas, and gas/gas mixing application in most cases

HSM-H Type : for High Viscosity

  • Effective mixing and dispersion of liquids with different viscosity
  • Concentrated mixing that leads to minimizing installation space
  • Residence time lessened

HSM-L Type : for Low Viscosity 

  • Mixing and chemical reaction for low viscous liquids and gases
  • Mixing and dispersion of low viscous gas and liquid
  • Concentrated mixing that leads to minimizing installation space