Double Venturi Desuperheater

What is Double Venturi Desuperheater?

The Double Venturi Desperheater sprays steam and water through a venturi shaped body and another venturi nozzle installed in the center, creating a powerful turbulent. This results in fast mixing and uniform temperature.


  • No moving parts
  • No special pipe supports or no thermal sleeves are required
  • The units can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position



  • Control steam temperature of dryers used in papermaking process
  • Steam conditioning of heating system
  • Control temperature of evaporators
  • Located upstream of heat exchanger to minimize size and cost and maximize heat transfer


Standard Specifications

  • Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, 1.25Cr 0.5Mo, 2.25Cr 1.0Mo, etc.
  • Connections : Flanges (ANSI, KS, DIN, JIS standards), Beveled for Welding, etc.